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Translation Log

The 221st Year L.C.

The Twenty-Sixth of the Eleventh

A stray note describing “vergesThe thinning of the barrier between cardinal and laminal realities such that certain aspects of one may influence, be perceived, or be simultaneously present on the other.” has been found, translated, and inserted into the Cosmography chapter.

The Eighth of the Eleventh

This log, beginning with notable past milestones, has been added and will be updated with further progress.

A Translator’s Note has also been added.

The introduction and outline of The BraidRugged and serene badlands inhabited by the complex, inscrutable Limns, who bring quarreling mortals here in reverie to forge empathy in the light of a natural phenomenon known as the Consonance, in which you witness in the actions of others a flash of the entire history of happenstance that leads up to their present. has been translated.

The Twenty-Third of the Tenth

After some delay due to preparations for the Fora Incandesca and other matters, we resumed our translation efforts.

The First of the Sixth

The Order formally entered the present workcomprising of translations of front matter, three laminae in full, and several more in partinto our library for consideration by associates.

The Twenty-Second of the First

The Order announced our possession of this text and committed to sharing significant progress with the broader scholarly community on the upcoming First of the Sixth, to coincide with the commemoration of the 340th anniversary of the establishment of the Order’s charter.

The 217th Year L.C.

The Sixteenth of the Ninth

Translation work began.

The 215th Year L.C.

The Nineteenth of the Fourth

The source text of the present work came into the Order’s possession.

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