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The Knot

Autonomy Power Equilibrium ꧹ဋဓ

You are here to be swallowed.


Almost nothing has been written about the Knot and this visitor, travelling there against all advice, gleaned little. It may be the most hazardous of any lamina, a churning landscape with no reliable purchase but only seas of cloud and mud split by geysers of steam and lava in which perplexing rocky outcrops rise and fall. Towering creatures, nightmarish and fascinating, crash dumbly through the landscape: endless serpents, amorphous horned behemoths, long-necked bony black equines, and segmented lumbering bulks with no discernible features. They appear to be chasing each other and themselves, often attempting, like an ouroboros, to devour their own bodies, tumbling to the ground.

Petitioners of this realm, known as Grips, are either very few or beyond sight during brief traveller forays. A handful were sighted astrideor being thrown frombehemoths, some of which had mounted upon them turret-light structures that may have been howdahs. Despite a conversation with a delirious Grip flung onto one of the few islands of stability, and a brief encounter with a laconic and meditative creature atop a passing behemoth, this visitor can only speculate on the the aspirations and function of this place.

[This chapter has not yet been translated. Please turn to the Inevitability, the Bloom, or the Unfolding for completed chapters.]

Yoshitaka Amano - Sandman - Dream Hunters - Spiritual ReclamationYoshitaka Amano - Sandman - Dream Hunters - Spiritual Reclamation

ouroboros. inhabitants routinely eat themselves. aura makes things regenerate.

the way to protect yourself from the ouroboros is to get them to catch their own tails, which distracts them for a while, maybe forever? each ouroboros is extremely unique, and ones which were self eating have later been seen to be no longer self eating, but no one has ever seen the transition. what happens? does it just… stop? does it… succeed? maybe they constantly grow at crazy speed, so unless they eat themselves, they just get enormous.




Culture & Paradigm



The Staircase

a large staircase to nowhere lapped at all sides by chaotic surges

Figures & Groups


leonora carrington creature on bird. author was told to ask it what the deal with the place was and that was all it would say. scholarly calmly astride

Rumors & Mysteries


The Pasture

leonora carrington “El mundo mágico de los mayas”


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