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The Brink

Autonomy Empathy Equilibrium ꧹ဥဓ

Nothing is lost
Nothing is created
Everything is transformed

Etianon Relovisia

The Apeirons of the Brink hold a vigorous rivalry with the ConcordanceThe referenced text has not yet been translated. regarding pursuits of happiness and fulfillment. Where those of the Concordance aim to prove that suffering is superfluous in this quest, Apeirons are eager to demonstrate what heights of realization and beauty can be attained when struggle and failure lie on the path, and their case is presented here with terrifying prowess. To genuinely engage with this placeand it is nearly impossible not to, for in the cacophony some notes inevitably strike deepis to undergo turns of trauma and euphoria that together result in exhilarating regeneration. As a place of constant reinvention transforming the landscape and culture as if by hallucinated natural disasters, the Brink more than any other lamina of Equilibrium is fueled by waves of self-contained creation and destruction rather than a gentle balance of stillness.

A semicircle of breakneck glaciered mountains feeds the central river delta of the Brink with colorful effluvia draining into a rough ocean. The delta is densely scattered with waterway-wended towns and caravans of Apeirons pursuing lives of infinite variation. Apeirons are irrepressibly hard-working and have at hand endless material resources and collaborators with which to shape their hedonism and creation. In a paler incarnation of this world, such pursuits would leave jaded and burnt-out aesthetes, but these aesthetes have mastered the alternation of intensity with rest and renewal and mental healing. Boredom is absent in the face of continual reallocation of hedonic interests among the wild expressions of a community of constant exploration. All the arts of craft and performance are found here of course in spectacular manifestation, but more striking are the experiments and contests and social explorations of a value system built around delighting oneself and others.

The result is overwhelming, and every turn will strike travellers with sights never seen or thought of before. There is no attempt to calculate the optimal circumstances for individuals; instead, manifold serendipity multiplies the chances that Apeirons and visitors will fall into felicities precisely shaped to them, while inevitably multiplying the chances of the oppositethe perfect happenstance to crack them open. But Apeirons are hardy, and learn from such experiences, and some seek out tribulation as much as they do joy.

Anyone in the multiverse is welcome to join this society, and as a result the Brink holds more mortal residents than perhaps any other lamina except the ConcordanceThe referenced text has not yet been translated.. It is however urgently recommended that you find a guide and mentorassistance that nearly any Apeiron, who are universally kind and attentive despite their decadence, would be overjoyed to provide to a like-minded outsiderto avoid being overwhelmed and burnt out by the miracles and burdens of this place in which those who embarrass themselves or fail to find their way are seen as being entirely responsible for their fates.

[This chapter has not yet been translated. Please turn to the Inevitability, the Bloom, or the Unfolding for completed chapters.]

Leonora Carrington - The JugglerLeonora Carrington - The Juggler

Autonomy Empathy Equilibrium






special feels for them. what’s the deal with the effluvia?


gets weird and sparse out there

Culture & Paradigm





“fruition” is the word they use instead of work/fun/pursuit?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_method “used by higher-level aesthetes in order to avoid boredom. The method is an essential hedonistic aspect of the aesthetic way of life.”

some linguistic relativism/treadmill here

Body Instrumentation

using the body as an instrument, e.g. ears plugged with wax head all but eyes submerged, bonking on head as music. also of course strings on body via piercings, etc

Identity Exchange

life swap. at random? you get paired with someone and trade stories before jumping in? Head injury explains it

Social Apotheosis

the household/local god game?

Spurious Insight

fooling each other?

Affect Flooding

emotional deluge?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_flooding ritual: “attacking the unconscious and/or subconscious mind to release repressed feelings and fears”




Nimble’s Bazaar

The Monument of Perception

like the sensates’ sensorium? different how? or some other fractal experience thing

Undersea Cliffs

The Hole in the Sky

that cliff water pic


places of restoration

Figures & Groups

looking at carnival at end of world tarot deck, some kind of suit situation, paired opposites… different approaches to things

Astrals & Chthonics

Mirrors & Clouds

Frames & Shells

Wheels & Knives

Festivals & Traditions

Opposite Day

The Florescence


Rumors & Mysteries

The Paradox of Boredom

The Foil

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