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A Note from the Order

Collected here are the collated and lightly edited manuscript notes recovered from the body of an elderly woman who was found deceased in the chamber of the Order’s astral replacement device once it had been completed and was activated for the first time. No other incidents have occured with the ingenious device in the months since it has been operating, so we have no precedent or explanation for this event. Regardless, her arrival has provided the Order with a trove of lore and many unanswered questions.

Little was found on the unharmed body of this visitor (as she refers to herself in her notes) apart from copious journals and the provisions of a simple traveller. She carried two items of note: a pendant with a gilded motif of an eclipsed star, and a slender disk the size of an outstretched hand, made of an as-yet-unidentified jet black material. While the pendant appears unmagical, the disk is extraordinarily charged. We have archived it in the library vault for safekeeping.

Assuming the texts she carried were her own, the only thing we can know about this woman comes from the few personal remarks in her writing, from which we can glean that she was extraordinarily resilient, and fortuitous, and had the grace and canniness to pass through the most unwelcoming of locales. Her body has been dissolved in the Underflow as is customary for honored associates of the Order.

These notes have been translated from liturgical Karedian, an unusual choice for any age or culture, but perhaps selected for its unusual density, expressiveness, complexity, and precision. Translation has been impeded by the Karedian script, in which unusual terms are inscribed using rare or even totally unique glyphs, resulting in many hapax legomena, and, as a result, certain terms and passages have proved beyond our ability to decipher. Additionally, various sections still await the attention of our hard-working translator, and will be entered into this collection as they are completed.

Verifying any the information related here has of course proved beyond our means, but in the following chapter we have prepared, for the reader’s edification, some notes on the subject of the Ordial Plane.

Ulchis Scriver, Rector Capitalis
The Order of Anaphoric Circumstance
221st Year of Lyrian Conscientia
Cursus Aesculu, Lyria

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